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Return to the Ranger Station

We recently visited  the District Headquarters of the Los Padres Nation Forest in King City, where over a year ago we set the bales and lathing and plastered the building.  The building uses no steel or wood framing in the bales to handle seismic or wind loads–the bale wall assembly does that work.  Following WRNS’s design intent, the bale work was installed and finished to an high level of precision.

The building was designed by WRNS Studio in San Francisco, and Plant Construction was the General Contractor.  Skillful Means was hired as a consultant for the project in the early stages of design.  Tipping+Mar was the structural engineeer.

Skillful Means first partnered with Tipping+Mar for design of the Harrison Vault in Joshua Tree. Working with WRNS, Tipping+Mar we used some of the systems  originated on that project , since  tested and refined, to reduce the cost of steel braces in the walls–many thousands of dollard, for this large building.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which sponsored some of the testing, reaped the benefits of straw bale testing on this project!

(Architects Dan SmithAnni Tilt and David Arkin joined us on our way back from a CASBA weekend retreat in San Luis Obispo County).